unholy is a recreational tacit array stack-based programming language built with Lisp-esque «data is code, code is data» principle.

unholy program consists of chains (i.e. sequence of operators and/or values) separated by a line feed or a semicolon (;). The program is executed from top to bottom and right to left (so the prefix notation is in use).
Comments are started by # character and terminated by a line feed or the EOF. There are six basic types:

There are also a few special syntactic constructs:


BEWARE: the current interpreter implementation is still in the VERY early stage of development, so the integrated documentation is unfinished, some features are missing, some are bugged out and don't work.
usage: unholy [-S] [-r] [-s] [-e <expr>] [-l <file>] [-f <file>] [...argf]
  -f/--file <file>      read and execute file.
  -l/--load <file>      read and load additional file.
  -e/--eval <expr>      execute expression.
  -s/--stdin    read from stdin and execute.
  -r/--repl     start repl.
  -S/--safe     enable «safe-mode» – disable some OS and I/O related system functions (•fopen, •system etc.).
  -h/--help     display this message and exit.